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Payment Gateway Providers in India Top payment gateway providers in India offering seamless payment gateway integration service. Experience best-in-class payment gateway services in Tamilnadu for secure transactions

At TechSlideITS, we understand the pulse of digital commerce in India. Partnered with the country’s leading payment gateways – Razorpay, Instamojo, PayU, and Paytm – we present an integration platform that is unparalleled in security and functionality.

Sale of products or subscriptions? Increase your online revenue without paying, regardless of where your company or customers are. With our e-commerce solution, you can sell online and accept payments on a global scale, no matter where you are in the world. In addition, we offer customers a safe, local shopping experience.

Discover the payment options we provide – your customers will be happy to shop in their own language. Pay with their favourite payment methods, and see prices in their local currencies. We do a lot behind the scenes – with tools, capabilities, automation, integrations and services – to make global payments transparent, provide better. Customer Experience & Increased Conversion & Authorization Rates.

  • Coverage in 200+ Countries and Territories
  • 45+ Payment Methods
  • Available in 30+ Languages
  • 100 Display & Billing Currencies
  • 24/7 Shopper Support for Orders & Payments

TechSlideITS: Pioneering the Future of Digital Transactions in India

In an era where digital payments are reshaping the business landscape, having an adept and reliable payment gateway is non-negotiable. TechSlideITS, in collaboration with the frontrunners of payment gateway providers, ensures your business is always ahead of the curve.

Why Choose TechSlideITS for Payment Gateway Integration Service?

  • Esteemed Partnerships: In alliance with leaders like Razorpay, Instamojo, PayU, and Paytm, we stand as one of the premier payment gateway providers in India.

  • Fluid Integration: Our top-notch payment gateway integration service guarantees that incorporating these gateways into your digital platform is seamless and efficient.

  • Focused Regional Services: While we serve businesses all across India, we take pride in our specialized payment gateway services in Tamilnadu, addressing the region-specific demands of businesses.

Benefits of Our Payment Gateway Services

  • Fortified Security: Transact with the confidence of industry-leading encryption, ensuring every payment is secure.

  • Intuitive User Experience: Both businesses and end-users benefit from our streamlined transaction processes, making e-commerce a breeze.

  • Adaptable Solutions: Our services scale with your business needs, from fledgling startups to established conglomerates.

  • Round-the-Clock Support: Day or night, our dedicated team is here to assist, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Overall payment processing which seems local, With no headache at all.

Intelligent Payment Routing

Smart payment routing and support for multiple payment processors means your transactions reach the highest possible payment authorization rates, even for cross-border transactions.

Multi-Currency Management

Multi-currency management increases approval rates by up to 25%, limits basket abandonment and improves the customer experience.

Merchant of Record Model

Our PG is the merchant of record. We are responsible for the overall processing of payments, sales tax administration, billing, compliance, local entities and more. Essentially, we sell the merchandise in your name. We recommend this model to companies of any size that sell globally and don't want billing, billing, tax and compliance problems.

Payment Service Provider Model

You would use our platform primarily for the treatment of international payments, as well as for e-commerce or subscription management. You are the dedicated merchant and are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax, billing, compliance and local entities in the countries where you use this model. We recommend this model for large firms that sell domestically or in markets where you already have local entities.

Dedicated support

All online merchants and payment gateway users on Paytm get dedicated support via a toll-free number and email

India's most widely-used checkout

Over 250 million Indians prefer the Paytm Checkout & you can now give your customers the checkout experience they love

Why TechSlide?

Enhance the Payment

Enhance the experience with 250 m+ saved cards, 100 m+ saved bank accounts & UPI IDs

Easily integrate

Easily integrate the Paytm Checkout on your app or website with just a few lines of code

Auto Updates

Get automatic updates to ensure that you always get the best-in-class technology

Range of markets


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For a future where every transaction counts, align with TechSlideITS – India's trusted name in payment gateway integration.